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Updated: May 9

Palm Springs & LA, CA //

We just can't seem to get enough of Cali lately! Each trip has been so fun and unique – this one was a full on experience with the desert (in August!) as well as a day trip to LA (Dmitriy's birthday gift to me). We were so grateful to be invited out to Palm Springs for the week with a friend and made the most of our time!

Here are a few phone snapshots before I get into all the legit pictures ;)


I was obsessed with the gorgeous florals! Of course, they were only on the hotel grounds. . .the terrain outside of that was much more true to the desert's natural look. It was kind of odd actually, to see the contrast between lush greenery and the dry desert ground.


During the middle of the week, Dmitriy took me to LA as a gift for my birthday! It was so beautiful. I wasn't sure what I would think of the city but I really fell in love with it.

When we had driven about an hour outside of Palm Springs, we could already tell that the air quality was different, more refreshed and breezy. The landscape naturally became way more green as well. I soaked it all up – the palm trees, the pretty homes set on hilly neighborhoods and of course the coast! I could see us living here #dreamin'

The first activity of the day was a surprise surfing lesson on the beach! It was so fun and the perfect way to soak up the sun and water. I even rode one good wave all the way through! (catching waves is kind of hard lol) Unfortunately we don't have any pictures, because I left the camera in the car for safety and we were busy having a good time. This is the only one I snapped as we pulled up to the parking lot to meet our instructor.

Next stop was El Matador Beach. I've seen beautiful pictures of it for so long and was looking forward to experiencing it in person! It was so stunning – I loved how the coast is combined with hills and how blue the water is. We dipped our feet in the water, climbed the rocks and took so many pictures.

We had a few more mini-stops after this one, such as In-N-Out for some lunch, duh. We didn't really get too many other photos though, because a large portion of our time was spent driving around from one location to the next (the traffic is real, reference above photo). Dmitriy had a few stops planned but we just ran out of time and didn't have a chance to see them all. We did manage to finish off the night at the Observatory though!

Then it was back to Palm Springs for a couple more days of relaxing in the sun. . .where I also got a pic with a baby palm tree ;)

For our last evening, we had a fancier date night at the cool hotel/restaurant next door to us. They had a little boat that came into the hotel to pick you up for a ride!

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